The Nothing

Ranger Diplomacy
Tarsus System
  • Arrive in Tarsus system responding to the distressed Star Beast, Astarte, who had been tethered to the planet while her Essence stores were drained by a magical vortex.
  • Upon arrival, an explosion is felt in the lower levels of The Eidolon. A Poacher Iron Bomb has exploded and severely drained the Eidolon of her own Essence stores. The Eidolon will become Tainted by Shadow should she use any more of her Essence.
  • A search is conducted of the stores. No culprit is found.
  • A Team of Rangers, consisting of The Hound, Nuff Stuphor, Celthric, and Zathe, are sent to Tarsus (by Folding) to investigate the origin of the magic vortex that holds the Astarte trapped.
  • They arrive via folded space in the caverns of Tarsus, by a great open pit filled with lava, which actively writhes and opps beneath them. To reach the far southern tunnel, a few courageous leaps are made, while The Hound blinks across shadows.
  • Nuff is caught in a blast of heat, and claws himself to safety after taking burns to his leg.
  • Sneaking down the shadowy cavern the party encounters a cluster of Shadow Motes. Celthric is momentarily blinded while Nuff engages in a wrestling match with one of the blue glass shadowy orbs. A flurry of blades leaves the orbs shattered shards on the ground.
  • The party approaches a huge chasm that swirls with wind. Above large birds circle on the currents. Zathe attempts a perilous climb around the edge of the chasm..
  • The birds descend on Zathe. They are the Hakon, the homanid bird species that rule over the Caverns of Tarsus. A Hakon swoops Zathe, who leaps from his precarious climb onto the back of the Hakon. Her ancestral blade at the Hakon’s throat, she demands he land her safely. In shock and confusion the Hakon submits and offers to take the party of Rangers to Director Hakor, their leader.
  • Hakor is found in a massive cavern surrounded by his court. A Thuz prisoner hangs in a cage near to where the party is presented.


  • The Director Hakor seems receptive to the claims of The Ranger unit, considering the best possible future for his people. But then a challenger from the court lands before Zathe, claiming that the Rangers only want to steal the Hakon’s Essence stores, which are used by the High Priests to maintain the structural integrity of the Hakon’s cavernous underground cities.
  • Nuff and Celthric overhear the Thuz whispering to them that the cities and all the caverns once belonged to his people. Celthric swings his mighty iron sword and shatters the cage. The Thuz falls onto the ground amidst the Rangers and the whole parliment of Hakon explodes into outrage.
  • A single clear voice rings out over the tumultuous cacophony. Zathe clearly issues that she wishes to speak directly with the high priest. The Hakon hush at her words, and Hakor agrees that it should be so. Celthric takes the Thus, Redef under his protection.
  • The Rangers descend a vast stairway into the depths of the caverns. Harkor’s men halt at the top of the stairs, leaving the Rangers to be escorted by the High Priest’s men.
  • Sensing danger at this exchange, the Rangers all set out to distract the guards through intimidation. Meanwhile, The Hound literally disappears into the shadows.
  • Zathe notices the High Priest has a piece of Poacher technology attached to his totem staff.
  • Trapped in the High Priest Vuumas’ subterranean temple, the Rangers arm themselves as Vuumas calls out to his dull-eyed minions to attack.
  • The Hound appears from the shadows and takes out the High Priest with a single arrow through the skull, and from there a close battle ensues with the eight remaining cultists.
  • Celthric cuts a swathe through his enemies, Zathe slices, and Nuff takes a few cultists to the ground, losing an eye in the melee.
  • After the hard won battle Redef shows the Rangers a secret door which leads to a ritual chamber beyond. It is from here that the vortex drains the Astarte, far above. The channeled essence forms a pool in the middle of the room from where it flows off through an underground river.
  • Zathe and Celthric go about destroying the ritual circle, but the vortex becomes unstable, sucking Celthric up in itself. The magic forces become uncontrollable.
  • With no druids to help them control the forces they have unleashed, The Hound reaches for his kit and unstraps a magical explosive device and throws it into the essence stream. Celthric calls out to the Eidolon “Fold us out, NOW!”
  • The Rangers appear back on the Eidolon. The Astarte is freed from the tether, but the Essence stores on Hakon are all but destroyed.
  • It is at this moment that The Eidolon becomes aware that the Astarte is moments away from going into a star birth, and becoming a black hole, destroying everything in the system.
  • The next moment The Eidolon senses the approach of The Dark Beast Charon.

What next?


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