Anchors are an additional rule for Fate Core that help establish the character’s aspects within the setting.

Essentially Anchors are very simple: they are a person, a place, or a thing associated with an aspect.

For each of your characters aspects choose a person, place, or thing that you declare to be associated with that aspect.

Generally, your Relationship Aspect will have an Anchor pertaining to the person you have a relationship with, although there would be nothing stopping you from making the anchor a thing or a place. The same stands true for your companion aspect also.

For Example, let’s look at Rueghhh’s aspect Muscle. Possible anchors might include:

  • The Ranger Master Xen (a person – Rueghhh’s instructor)
  • The Proving Ground (a place – a secret underground fighting pit, where the strongest warriors go to prove themselves)
  • Extendablade (a thing – Reughhh’s inbuilt knife arm)

Anchors represent a concrete way to leverage an aspect, especially an abstract one, into play for both the GM and the player. They provide physical things to hang compels and invokes off of. Aspects can still be used as normal, but the anchor expands that domain in a very specific way.

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