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Facts about the setting

  • Star Beasts, huge living space vessels, carry populations across the stars by folding space, using up their own magical essence. Some Star Beasts use up too much of their own magical essence and become Dark Beasts; evil and corrupt.
  • Star Beasts can resurrect any of their crew who are killed. The crew always come back transformed in some way. Their eyes definitely change.
  • The Ark Council is formed by a guild of Shepherds; practitioners of druidic magic and the pilots and navigators of the Star Beasts.
  • Animal companions help with resurrection by remembering their owner’s soul. Without an animal companion you cannot resurrect without consequence.
  • Star Beasts can detect life within a solar system but rely upon their Shepherd to scry life from afar.
  • Star Beasts ultimately seek to create a new solar system by a process known as a Star Birth. The Star Beast themselves transforms into a star. Dark Beasts transform into a black hole.
  • The Mother, the founder of the Ark Council and first Shepherd, has disappeared into myth. There are whispers of another alternate story, that of The Dark Mother, who gave birth to The Nothing by unleashing unnatural forces upon the universe.
  • The crew of Star Beasts are all refugees from dead worlds that have been destroyed by the dark Beasts. The growing destruction and space full of black holes is called The Nothing.
  • A ritual determines your role on the ship, but sometimes the ship chooses…
  • When you are resurrected you take on an aspect of your companion.
  • The Poachers attack Star Beasts by tethering them and draining their magical power using iron technology based magic.
  • There is no technological civilisations, only fantastical ones.

Sparks may catch alight an become Aspects in the game at any moment.

Character Creation

Fate Core Character Creation

High Concept

Making a good aspect

Each of your aspects has an Anchor; a person, place, or thing that represents that aspect in the game world.

Skill List
Skill pyramid capped at Great (+4)
+4: 1 Skill
+3: 2 Skills
+2: 3 Skills
+1: 4 Skills

New Skills:

  • Survival
  • Lore (“specialty”) – create a focus for your Lore knowledge by noting your specialty in parenthesis.

Choose 4 Stunts, including Paths of Magic and Weapons and Armour.

Companion Stunts: If you have a companion, consider making one of your stunts a special move that your companion is involved in. Eg. Owl’s Alertness: +2 to Notice rolls when my Owl helps me scout at night.

Fate Points

Note down whatever gear would make sense for your character to have. Don’t worry about money; as long as there’s a good story to it, it’s okay.

In Fate, gear is in the background. Your skills take center stage when it comes to what you can do; gear is simply there to enable you to use your skills. Do you have a high Shoot? Then you’ve got a crossbow! Did you prioritize Drive? You’ve probably got vehicular transport. These things are assumed, and have no mechanical effect.

If you want your gear to be special and have a bit more crunch then you can name it as one of your aspects, or spend one of your stunt slots on it.

Eg: Special equipment in Fate Core can be as simple as an aspect, like “Hooked Grapnel Rope”, or a stunt, like "Hooked Grapnel Rope: +2 to overcome with Athletics by climbing or swinging when there’s a decent anchor around.”

Editing your character sheet
Fate Difficulty Table

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