Path of Shadows

To use the Path of Shadows you must have an appropraite shadowy aspect and purchase the stunt “Path of Shadows”, which costs 2 stunt slots, instead of the normal one. Then give your Stealth skill the specialisation by noting it as: Stealth (Path of Shadow). This skill acts like normal Stealth, but adds the following actions to the Stealth skill:

Stealth (Path of Shadows)

Adepts on the Path of Shadows find themselves able to coalesce and shape the shadows around them and are able to jump between shadows by passing though a mysterious shadow realm.

Shadow Jump
You may use your move action to step into a nearby shadow, and then reappear from another shadow one zone away. This replaces your normal one zone free move action.

Overcome Overcome.JPG

You may use Stealth (Path of Shadows) to move from shadow to shadow over multiple zones, instead of using Athletics. You must physically propel yourself to do so, therefore you cannot use this ability travel further than you normally would by running, swinging, or jumping. Each additional success above +0 allows you to move one additional zone.

Create Advantage CA.JPG

The Path of Shadows may be used to create, shape, and manipulate shadows, allowing advantages to be created that help with hiding or possibly frightening a foe. The difficulty of doing so however depends on the surrounding ambient light.

Attack Attack.JPG

The Path of Shadows works the same as Stealth and cannot normally be used for attack.

Defend defend.JPG

Using Shadow Jump to rapidly move in and out of the surrounding shadows, you can roll Stealth to defend against any physical attack directed at you.

Path of Shadows

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